Update August 5, 2016: The TYA Blog will be returning this fall with an updated look, editorial mission, URL, and more. Stay tuned!



Welcome to the TYA Blog, a forum hosted by TYA/USA (the United States chapter of ASSITEJ, The International Association of Theater for Children and Young People). TYA/USA is the national service organization promoting the power of professional theatre for young audiences through excellence, collaboration and innovation across cultural and international boundaries. To learn more about our various programs, publications, membership benefits, and events, visit TYA/USA at assitej-usa.org or tyausa.org.

The TYA Blog was originally launched as The Next Blog in conjunction with the ASSITEJ-International Next Generation Program in the months leading up to the 16th World Congress of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences in Adelaide, Australia in 2008. In the years since, it has proven to be a vital forum for articles, advice, and networking, and it has ignited interesting and provocative conversations on what is now and next!

In 2013, the TYA Blog team worked to focus the conversations even more in a format that continues to this day. Each month, we’ll start the conversation about a hot topic in professional theater for young audiences. Topics that make us think and ponder; topics that are inspiring and challenging; topics that make us scream and shout. Then we’ll invite a couple of smart, provocative, and amazing theater professionals to join the conversation.

Read the blog, tell your friends, and join the conversation by adding your comments! You may also email me at briang@rosetheater.org to contribute your own blog or for more information on how to join our committee!

Brian Guehring,

Playwright in Residence/Education Director at the Omaha Theater Company

Board Member of TYA/USA

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